Available in late February for $99.99


This is pretty creepy, but would make good company for Mr. & Mrs Potato Head.


Come on, tell us if your going to buy or not buy one of these.

For me: NOT

This is where I wish we had poll's available.

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You're right. It's pretty creepy.

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Not for me either.

Tight lines


It is pretty creepy

Very Intriguing....

To Say The Least!

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No Thanks

I don't want one either smile

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

I'll pass

Not for me either but there will be a bunch of Apple fanatics that will grab them up smile

why would

Why would one shell out so much money (or any amount) for something like this? Even if distributed free I would not pick it up.

People will buy anything if marketed effectively

Anyone else remember when some people were flocking to the stores to buy a "Pet Rock"?

And then there were the people who bought plastic encased moose droppings . . .

I have done many foolish things in my life, but at least I have never been one of "those" consumers.

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- Tom -

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Another overpriced Apple product? grin

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