Inheriting an iPhone


I’m about to inherit a FREE used iPhone and I have no desire to own a smartphone, I will be using it as a iPod.

At present time I own a two year old iPod Touch with no camera or built in GPS that my wife will inherit to play her stupid games.

My question, is there a GPS app that will work with the old iPhone after the phone gets disconnected from AT&T and be able to use the GPS built in the phone?

If so can the app be obtained from the app store using WIFI or does it have to be in the phone prior to stop being a phone?

Help, anyone?

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Inheriting An iPhone

It looks like it depends on what version iPhone you get. According to this iPhone 1st generation does not have built in GPS, but iPhone 3g has a built in GPS module. However, when GPS is not available, iPhone 3g will also use cell towers to triangulate your approximate location. So if it is new enough, take a look at Detailed street maps of the U.S. and Canada are stored on-board your iPhone so there's no need to use your mobile service or data plan to navigate to your destination or worry about losing directions when you travel out of coverage.

I didn't Think I wanted a Smart Phone Either

I was also one of those people, but after I decided to get one, I was glad that I did. I don't have a data plan and I made sure that it was configured so that it only used wi-fi to access the internet. Your service provider can help you set it up that way.

I have a few apps that I downloaded that I find handy, especially when I'm travelling.

SKYPE: I pay for a months worth of SKYPE and can make unlimited calls to land lines or cells for less than $3/month. If your I-Phone has two cameras, you can also do video calls for free.

Weather Channel: Great quick way to check the weather in the morning, even at home.

Local News: Again, great and quick way to check the local news when travelling.

There are many more good and useful apps, that just make life easier, without getting carried away.

Even found one called Bubble Level, that turns the phone into a level. Great way to level a trailer, when you're travelling.


Data plan question

Just checking, I currently have the Ipad with 3G but not activated. Data works great on the WiFi only.

The phone version I thought had to have a data plan in order for it to work through WiFi. Though since the Ipad works in this fashion it makes sense that the phone should also.

The iPhone can use the wifi

The iPhone can use the wifi to get you a general location. It won't be as accurate as using GPS.

-- - red light cameras do not work

Not very wise

Not a good idea to refer to the wifes games that way.
The new phone may have an APP that shows the way to the dog house.

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The GPS chipset in the iPhone is a part of the cellular radio chipset... and if the iPhone is in airplane mode, the GPS won't work at all. If the cellphone radio is not activated, the GPS functionality is quirky. With an external GPS source - like bluetooth GPS puck, or a device that plugs into the iPhone charging port like a BadElf device... a non-cellular activated iPhone will function as a GPSr as long as you have an app that puts a full mapset onto the phone's storage.

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