How to Fix Map Errors on Navigation Devices


If your device is up to date -- or you are concerned about errors on other people's devices -- you can report the problem to the digital content suppliers. It usually makes sense to submit the same correction to both NavTeq and Tele Atlas. Their websites allow the public to submit map corrections. The following links are provided for informational purposes only; the U.S. government does not endorse any products, services, or views found on external sites.

NavTeq Map Reporter

Tele Atlas Map Insight

Good place to refer folks to

That is very well written and informative web page, especially for newbies.

Anytime somebody comes on here and complains about how poor their GPS is because the GPS is not quite showing where they are, or a street not showing up, etc. (but they blame the device, not the map), let's send them there!

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