Garmin Lifetime Map Update


I'm being pestered by recurring notices that Garmin Lifetime Map Updater 2.0.5 is available. I've downloaded and installed it on my Mac twice and checked to confirm its the version I'm now running, but the dialog box notifying me that version 2.0.5 continues to pop up when I start up my Mac.

Am I the only one with this strange problem?


try this

Uninstalling it. I ran it for a short time on my PC but did an uninstall because I didn't like the pop-up and constant checking for both new maps and updates to the program. As people here know almost a week before the update becomes available - and no failed installs because the updater crashes, why bother with it. After all, map updates come out about 4 times a year and you need a program running the other 11 months and 28 days to let you know about those 4?

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Lifetime Map Updater

Box Car,

Good advice. It's more bother than it's worth.


Lifetime Map Updater

Not to mention the computer resources it uses.