Garmin C330 Folder Limit on POIs


I just purchased a Garmin C330. I have created a file for all Texas State Parks and other State Areas. I placed it in a folder under Custom POIs and in a subfolder called "Texas Parks". When I loaded it into the GPS and then schrolled thru the list under Custom POIs it will only show the closest 50 locations. The remainder appear to be in memory, but you have to spell them out to find them. Is there a size limit on POI folder or subfolder content? Thanks.

For any list on your GPSr

For any list on your GPSr whether it be Favorites, Built in POIs or Custom POIs, the list will only show the nearest 50 items to your current position.

If you need/want to find one that is beyond the 50 items, there are several ways to do it.

As you mentioned, you can spell them out. You also can turn the GPS receiver of your unit off, browse the map to another location, hit "Set Loc." and search from there.

You can also visually search on the map itself. To my knowledge there's no way around this. And you probably wouldn't really want it to show more than 50 because the processor power needed to do this would be greater or the search process would unnecessarily bog down the performance of the unit.