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If you are traveling through Chicago on I 90/94 Dan Ryan be very careful of the construction speed posted 45. There are plain white vans with photo cameras and the move so there is no set location. You will know if it gets you because there is a bright flash as it takes both the front and rear of the vehicle. Its set for 1 mile over the limit, so be aware.



wow, thanks for the info. I wonder if any other cities are doing this as well. =O

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1-mph over the limit? That's

1-mph over the limit? That's a little hard to believe. What's your source for that information?

Speed Camera Database

I have a few speed cameras in the Washington, DC area. Is there someone who is compiling a POI file who I can send them to?

You can use the report a red

You can use the report a red light camera feature to the right of the screen above the active forum topics area.

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Heck, they'd be giving tickets to every car on the highway. No way, jose!!

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Chicago Speed Cameras

Illinois has one of the highest fatality rates in the country for road side construction workers being hit by cars. They have increased fines, included mandatory jail time, and now speed cameras.

im trying to compile some for the dc area

im trying to compile a poi file for the dc area if you send the file will it work on the c33o model

You won't have much luck in

You won't have much luck in DC because the majority of the ones I have seen are roaming speeding cameras. There is one on M Street SE at New Jersey Ave that sits in front of the corner of the new DOT HQ, across from the Navy Yard Metro. I see at least 4 different cars they have used in the last month. Only one of the, a DCPD Minivan, had any markings on it, the rest were plain cars and all kinds. Probably ones taken out of impound.