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Contributors of the Week 2011-11-21


This week we are recognizing Juggernaut. His friendly bouncing elephant avatar has been doing good all over the forums this last week.

Thank you Juggernaut!

Jonathan (aka JM)

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Congratulations Juggernaut.

I always appreciate your thoughtful posts. Enjoy your week in the COW spotlight.

Alan - Nuvi 3597LMTHD, Oregon 550T, Nuvi 855, Nuvi 755T, Lowrance Endura Sierra

Well Done Juggernaut

Thanks for your insights


Juggernaught for all your help

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." -- John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. president

Way To Go

Thanks Juggermaut for your contributions to the site. Good job smile

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

Congrats !

Congrats and thank you for the hard work, Juggernaut ! Enjoy your week in the pasture....!

Thanks, folks!

But, not sure what I did to get the award!

nüvi 3790T | nüvi 775T | Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable ~ JFK

So you have milk again!

Great job Juggernaut

Nuvi 2460LMT and 1350.


Congrats Juggernaut and thank you for a job well done. smile smile

Clem - Garmin 2495LMT, 1450T & C530

Good work Juggernaut.

Good work Juggernaut.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT,Nuvi 2597 LMT and Garmin Viago.

Congrats Juggernaut. Maybe

Congrats Juggernaut. Maybe because you survived another stint in the boonies of northern BC

All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players. Rush

For starters

Juggernaut wrote:

But, not sure what I did to get the award!

You helped me.

1490LMT 1450LMT 295w

Congrats Juggernaut

Way to go.

Thanks for your contribution

Thanks for your contribution

Street Pilot C340, nuvi 265WT, Mio Moov 300, nuvi 255W, Navigon 2100 (Retired)

Good work Juggernaut

It's well deserved, congrats smile

Nüvi 255WT born on 602117815/nüMaps Lifetime North America


Thank you for your efforts. Keep up the good work!



Hawk - Nuvi 1450

Thank you for your

Thank you for your contributions!


Thanks for being so involved. We appreciate your input.

Recognizing Juggernaut

Congratulations Juggernaut,thanks for all your hard work. grin

Garmin nuvi,750

Have a great week!

Thanks for your contribution.


Way to go Juggernaut...

nüvi 3590LMT "always backup your files"


Nice work. Sure cant miss the avatar that's for sure. LOL

Nuvi2797LMT, Nuvi765T

Congrats juggle

I thought that this was my week but you won fair and square

good job

good job and keep up your hard work


Thanks for the help you have given me

Thanks and nice to be a COW

Mary, Nuvi 2450, Garmin Viago, Honda Navigation, Nuvi 750 (gave to son)


Congratulations Juggernaut grin

lotus, Nuvi 2595LMT


Thanks for your hard work.


Got milk?

Using Android Based GPS.The above post and my sig reflects my own opinions, expressed for the purpose of informing or inspiring, not commanding. Naturally, you are free to reject or embrace whatever you read.

Congrats Juggernaut!

Congrats Juggernaut!

According to the laws of aerodynamics, bumblebees cannot fly. But the bumblebees, not knowing the laws of aerodynamics, go ahead and fly anyway...

Great Job



Thank you Juggernaut!

I love that avatar!

Bravo Juggernaut!

Always helpful. Thanks.

Are we there yet?


Juggernaut, Thanks for all your hard work de Cliff

I may have my user name and password confused or switched! Can I get confimation of my user name????


That is a mesmerizing avatar. Keep up the good work!


Enjoy your posts

Jeff...... Nuvi 2460, Nuvi 2595




"Destination Eternity" Garmin 765T, & Samsung Galaxy S4

Good show friend! Keep up

Good show friend! Keep up the good work.

"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." --Douglas Adams

Congrats on your COW Juggernaut!

Well deserved! smile

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