echo with 360 bluetooth


I bought the externam Mic for my 360. Callers complain that it echos when they talk to me. I am guessing its the speaker on the Nuvi feeding back to the mic.

Anyway to reduce the echo? Does the echo get reduced when you feed the sound to your car's stereo speakers. it seems like that would make it worse.

ext mic

Just bought the Garmin brand external mic ($15) for my Nuvi 360. I have the 360 connected to my stereo thru an aux input(first tried w/ fm transmitter-did'nt work). I have'nt had any problems with echoing with the 360 connected to my stereo. Seems the volume is lower than the mp3 music volume. Have'nt tried it alone by itself. Where do you have the ext mic located in your vehicle?

I have it in the visor above

I have it in the visor above drivers seat and the 360 is to the right of my steering wheel. Maybe they are too close together? But I cant see moving the garmin as its in the perfect spot for me