zumo 550 SD Problems


I have a zumo 550 and love it, however, I installed a 2 gig card for music. I use the Zumo on my Harley, and when I go over some bumps the audi will get very loud, then more bumps, it quiets down. I also have a lot of engine noise when listening to the SD Music.

This doesn't happen when I listen to the XM Sat music. any one with similiar problems, or ideas on what to try to fix it?

Garmin has never heard of the problem, and offered no suggestions.


Jim GIZMO Ganey


Hey, Jim. Have you checked

Hey, Jim. Have you checked out the Zumo forum?


That would be the place to get an answer. I've never heard of anyone having that issue. I'm wondering if maybe you have a loose contact somewhere. But check out the Zumo forum for more info.

As far as the engine noise, it sounds like you might need a ground loop isolater.


Motorcycle Mama is probably once again correct. I have my headphones connected directly to the Zumo (via a jumper). What I have found is that the output jack from the motorcycle mount does not always make a good connection and I will have to fiddle/ wiggle it to get back the voice prompts and again make my music loud. You may want to again contact Garmin on the problem (if a wiggle helps) - they may send a new mount. So far, I just move the plug a little and it comes right back...

zumo 550 & harley

My Zumo 550 has a 2 gig card I also use for the music on my Harley and I don't have any volume problems.