too many GPS


Hi everyone, Happy thanksgiving. I have a question. There are so many GPS models even in the same company. How do you pick one? I have seen them priced from 54 dollars to over 300 dollars, I understand that, but even in the mid price range, there are so many to chose from. Thanks

It IS confusing...

Pick a higher range model that has more memory, especially on one with lifetime maps. But, it depends on the features you need. I always go high(er) range as it provides both, even if I don't use all the features.

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Garmin had you in mind

The link below lets you check the features you want. Then Garmin posts the models that have those features..
Happy shopping

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Add a memory card

Many GPS models have an SD or MicroSD card slot allowing you to add memory cheaply to a less expensive model. This way you can avoid paying for extra features you may not need or use, and still have enough memory for the features you want.

Discontinued from manufacturers but not retailers

Of course, there are many newer low end models out there for people just want a tiny step above paper map.

However, I do see many of them, especially the below $90 models, brand news in the original packaging and packed with features, that are listed on the manufacturers' website as discontinued models. Rather than return to the manufacturers, I would say they make a excellent door-busters in this shopping season.