New wifi-minded carrier offers unbelievable $19 unlimited phone plan


When it comes to mobile carriers, consumers may have four major choices (for now), but they're all starting to look the same — and that isn't a good thing. But a new provider, Republic Wireless, headquartered in North Carolina, is shaking things up with a rather unbelievable $19 a month no-contract plan. That's $19 not just for unlimited calling and texting, but mobile data too.....


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Looks quite good

The plan looks quite good. I have a t-mobile prepaid now and every 3 months I charge about $100. If I want data or text message I have to pay extra. Looks like this is a good plan.


It seems like it could be a good alternative to a pre-paid plan for people who like to talk alot.

Virgin Mobile has plans with unlimited data / text, but voice minutes are limited on their least expensive plans. And they're more expensive.

Haven't used either of these companies, but I might look at something like them for the kids when they get older.


Will have to check this plan

Will have to check this plan out. Sounds to good to be true when compared to other providers.

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Very interesting!

Sprint is not known for its call quality or coverage foot print. But the price is definitely tempting. My current contract has another year to go. Or I would be very seriously considering pulling the trigger. I would love to hear more from people who has the service.

Have Checked This As Well

The concept is definitely interesting, Personally I am more interested in using it for DATA then Voice. Biggest problem for now is it seems to be in a semi closed BETA, and who knows when they will reopen for more subscribers. Something to watch for sure.

(NOTE: I have not checked within a week so they may be accepting new subs, just in case I am wrong)

(NOTE 2: OK, I didnt want to look lazy so I went over to their web site and they are still not accepting new subscribers as of 11-20 )

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$199 for the phone

They are still full as of now.

It seems you must buy their $199 phone to get in on it.

$19 a month still seems liek a very good deal.

Cell Phone

Sounds like a great deal. I wonder what cell towers they are using. It might be a good alternative to my straight talk walmart phone if the coverage is good. (Straight Talk uses Verizon) It seems even though they have a phone number listed, it directs all questions through email.

There needs to be soemthing

There needs to be something like this for Canada... But All i see are companies that have tiny zones, in which you are roaming within the country if you are not in them.

This makes the large telco's still own the market and something that needs to be changed.


salleentn wrote:

Sounds like a great deal. I wonder what cell towers they are using.

My son was looking into this, has not yet tried to sign up. I understand they use the Sprint network.

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This is really tempting... Most of the time I'm at someplace with WiFi access, and rarely use the phone for talking. It would be more interesting if they release an Android app to allow bring-your-own-compatible-devices.

It would be even better if they offered a deal with public hotspot operators such as Boingo.

My experience says that Sprint...

is good in urban areas, but spotty once you leave major cities.

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It appears that you have to

It appears that you have to use the phone from them - rather than using a phone that you already have.

Has anybody signed up with them and can report on your experience.


Hmmm very interesting, could

Hmmm very interesting, could come in handy.

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Interesting indeed.....but

Interesting indeed.....but it truly depends on the coverage.

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goof deal

Sounds like a ok deal to me. I just saw an advertisement for that company, but I think you have to buy their $235 phone. Still better than the $85 a month charge I now pay for just the service. The dats is mostly what I use it for. Only use it to actually talk to someone a few times a week. Am glad this site is using CAPTCHA. It does cut down on the SPAM!

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Sounds decent, I still have

Sounds decent, I still have 1.5 yrs. on a contract, maybe by then there will be complete info. with reviews on it.

read the article

Not sure what wireless carrier you use if you are not in a WiFi area. You can get WiFi with a Garmin 295W but it is hard to read due to the small size.

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Good info

Good info, since I've started looking for a replacement for one family member's phone.

Republic Wireless

Has anyone used the service?

Is there any delay when on wifi?


Check out this review Makes it sound less attractive....

In the review

there's a link for Simple Mobile $40 plan that sounds good, I believe it's on the T-Mobile network.
Has anyone used simple mobile and is happy with them?

never used simple mobile,

never used simple mobile, but I've been using pageplus for 2+ years and am very pleased.

Will Research

Will research this and others before renewing Verizon contract or the others.

Will my unlocked phone work

Thanks for the info. I wonder if I could sign up and keep my current unlocked cellphone and simply pop in their sim card. Many of the prepaid programs want you to buy their phones which defeats the purpose of unlocking.