Nuvi 1350 East Longitude problem...


In preparation for 2012 Danube River cruise, I have begun to enter city locations complete with Google pictures. For some reason I cannot display places with a Longitude greater than 18.3 E with either gpx or csv format. The following cities are stored in the csv file (gpx file contains the same data) in this order.
14.42098,50.08993,CZ Prague
19.05153,47.49072,HU Budapest *
13.05645,47.81103,AU Salzburg
19.944573,50.064482,PL Krakow *
11.080462,49.450504,DE Nuremburg

* indicates data not displayed.

POIloader downloads the file, says everything is ok and the file will open with CZ, AU and DE data, however HU and PL is missing. Last night I played with dummy data to discover the E limit is 18.3 Strange thing is I can enter the Lat/Long directly into the Nuvi and it will store in favorites, but cannot display a gpx or scv file with the same data. I cannot read the gpi file but using Notepad I can find all of the above city names. This suggests (to me) that the data is downloaded but any Longitude > 18.3 is not, for whatever, reason, being processed for display.

I first noticed the problem using POIloader 2.61 so I updated to 2.7 (and now have to rename files to gpi) and the problem persists.

Apparently the data loads fine with a Nuvi 265. So before I email Garmin, anyone else experience this problem or have a solution?

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It's probably not

My guess is it isn't that the system is having a problem with the CSV or GPX, it's a map issue. If there is no map, then the points can't show.

Does the Nuvi show a blank screen when you tell it to display one of the cities? Unless you have loaded the European maps your unit only carries the NA maps and may have a portion of the world basemap.

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The Nuvi 1350 does...

contain a very limited map of Europe. For example if you have Nuremburg Bavaria in a csv file, the Nuvi will find it and display a very rudimentary map - major roads only. I have managed to load a limited map of Budapest and I can get the Nuvi to display the map and location having manually entered the coordinates.
But the problem remains, the Nuvi will not process a gpx or csv file with any location (numerically larger) East of 18.3 E longitude. Puzzling.

Guess it's time to email Garmin to find out if there is an answer.