poi alert didnt work


i have the poi for the wv va nc sc ga and fla rest areas, also the fla publix , flying j,s , travel americas ,and along my trip to fla none of the alerts went off except two ,one was a rest area in va and the other was on the new river gorge bridge in wva (which i didnt even put that one in)what could be the problem

my drinking team has a racing problem ...( garmin c330..delorme earthmate LT20 )

I noticed on the school POI

I noticed on the school POI that locations away from the road don't trigger an alert.
I changed a couple of coordinates for schools close to me to be exactly on the road and they alerted correctly.

As to why this occurs, I am nto sure...



I noticed on a few I have that I had to manually set the proximity/distance to be different for some of the POI (.csv files) entries to be 1,000 ft or 5,280 feet and then the alert works. Also as VBHS1999 stated change a few of the coordinates to be on the road and see if that helps.

35.528475, -113.230839 nuvi 650, 260W