iPhone 4S supports GLONASS

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It sounds like an interesting feature. Unfortunately I think my iPhone 4S will be going back to Sprint. Their 3G service is so pathetic as to make the service useless. I cannot see getting locked in after the 14 day trial period and having to pay for speeds, that at times, are equivalent to 56K dialup. I am going back to my iPod Touch 4.

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Thanks for the update. I

Thanks for the update. I love the iphone 4 and 4S on AT&T.


Maybe that's why the GPS function is faster and doesn't seem to drift.

The iPhone 4S GPS function locks on extremely fast. Also, I haven't noticed any drift.

Aardvark. Sorry to hear about Sprint. The 3G performance is better on the iPhone 4S with AT&T than the iPhone 3G, which was to be expected. Any data fetching is much better than it was on the iPhone 3G.

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