2GB Flash Card - $15.99 - No Rebates Needed


Micro Center (www.microcenter.com) has a 2GB Flash Card (Item # 932392) for $15.99 each online. No Rebates Necessary. I have used their house brand flash cards and flash drives for years with No Problems. They also have a 1GB Flash Card (Item # 602920) for $9.99 each online.
For those interested, they have a 2GB USB Flash Drive (#932384) and 1GB USB Flash Drive (#602912) house brand for the same respective prices. Check it out.


JG - Nuvi 2460


can you pay by sending a

can you pay by sending a money order or do you pay online

you need a credit card for

you need a credit card for 99% of the sites out there but some let you do paypal which you can link to a bank account

thanks for the info

thanks for the info