2460 LMT broke the $200 mark


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i think what you're saying is...

Driver 38 wrote:

I have an older Gps ,is still working and it does a good job too.The FM transmitter when I purchase the unit was only good for 90 days,one question and I would like to know the answer.

I assume you mean the traffic receiver came with a 90 day subscription. That would have been for MSN traffic which was turned off several months ago. That cable will no longer work for traffic, but may power your unit.

Driver 38 wrote:

I have a spare FM tranmitter cable GTM_20 and I replace cause the end that go connect to the GPS was getting bad. Now here is my question the FM paid update does it go with the GPS or with the cable,in other word if I pay to active the FM traffic Receiver and my cable need to be replace do I loose the FM traffic?

There are two types of traffic subscriptions for that cable. One is the free or ad supported, and there is the paid or no ads. The activation is for the cable not the unit you plug it into. If the cable goes bad, which is a little unusual, then the subscription goes with it unless Garmin replaces it.

Driver 38 wrote:

and even if I replace the cable the traffic would be still active ? The traffic cost about $69.00 the GTM 20 with the life time traffic cost about $100.00, it is worth it. or just I should purchase a new GPS ?

You're asking the same question, the traffic subscription is for the cable. The $69.00 cable is the "free" traffic cable while the $100 one (actually around $83 on Amazon) is the "paid" one with no ads.

Driver 38 wrote:

Does anyone know of a new model that have bluetooth and mp3 too? I won"t mind If does not have MP3 player ,but be able to use my phone with the GPS I could not live with out. Some new model they do not come with bluetooth, and some model they show on the buttom right of the GPS what the speed limit is ? If you thing about it.what is the need for that when the speed limit is posted on the road black and white !

None of the new units have MP3. The traffic cable that comes with the new units with traffic is the ad supported one. You can buy the paid subscription with no ads for any unit that has a traffic receiver. You can buy either the Navteq or Clear Channel traffic - or both - for the same receiver. But if the cable goes bad, then you have to buy new subscriptions with the new cable.

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Gps voice

Does it work for hands free calling?
My 760 has that but it picks up all the road noise so its unusable....
Some one who tested it never drove around. Just sat at a desk where no road test

Garmin Nuvi 2460 LMT

I am interested in the Garmin Nuvi 2460 LMT. It looks like it has a powered mount and wil work with the Fleet Management Interface that I am intereted in. Has anybody seen any great prices on this lately?

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