RIP steve Jobs

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I'm still surprised although

I'm still surprised although I knew his days are numbered. RIP Mr. Jobs.


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That explains it

The iPhone presentation yesterday was very low key. I guess it was known how close this day was.

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sad.... a true visionary.....just sad....prayers for his family.

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Wow, a sad day indeed. I may not be a fan of Apple but Steve Jobs did amazing things which impacted the entire tech world.


Wow life really is short.

Gonna go and buy the iphone tomorrow as this was his last work RIP Steve.

A Sad Day

I've been an Apple customer since the Apple IIe. Followed the company through all the ups and downs. Their successes were all due to Steve. He'll be sorely missed by company and customers alike.

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Only 56 years

Only 56 years. That's too bad...

What A shame

I am a Windows guy but He surely will be missed..

He was a pionner. He will be missed..


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Only 56 years

JM wrote:

Only 56 years. That's too bad...

It's truly a sad day for such a prolific inventor, and his family, and of course us as well as his competitors. At 56 years of age just when the real good life is getting ready to start, it is always a shame to see somebody's get cut short.

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A great loss

Computers changed our lives. Steve Jobs changed computers.

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years of enjoyment...

He gave me years of enjoyment in the '80s when I upgraded my Apple II to "Smokin Hot" Apple IIE! smile

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Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs

crying You will be missed

he did great things

he did great things

Actually, he just stepped

Actually, he just stepped down from running the company day to day a short time ago.

I'm sure he'll be missed.


he will be missed

Too young to go at age 56. An American innovator whose talent will be sorely missed. You might not completely agree with what he did or how he did it, but you can't argue with results.

also sad is that no company

also sad is that no company would hire someone like him- they only want yes-men who look and sound alike! someone with a different voice is usually pushed out!

My first computer was an Apple II >>>

I never owned another Apple product until I bought the iTouch a few years back...never really drank the Apple Koolaid...but Jobs...he was a giant and truly gifted man...56 is far too young sad

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I still remember playing some great games on the IIE.

He Will Be Missed

I just bought my second iPad 2 for my daughter yesterday.

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He was...

an outstanding technologist that allowed people to transcend technology to express themselves to the world around them. He will be missed indeed!

He Affected Just About Everyone

I'm an Apple guy through and through. Only computer I'll own is an Apple. Truly innovative stuff throughout the years and Steve Jobs was behind them. Whether you own an Apple product or not, he affected you. Others copied Apple's ideas and made their own changes, i,.e., smartphones, portable music, touchpads, operating system ideas, etc..I knew he was in poor health but truly didn't expect him to pass away so soon.

I hope that the company can carry on his legacy for new and innovative ideas and bring them to fruition.

RIP Steve Jobs

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Apple stock only dropped .23

Apple stock only dropped .23 percent today. I'm impressed.

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