Tampa Red Light Cameras Active Today Oct. 1st


I just heard on the radio the city of Tampa's new red light cameras go active today October 1st.

There will be a one month grace period where drivers will get a warning. After November 1st. tickets with a fine of $158.00 will be issued through the mail.

more coming

The ones going on today are in the file:

• Westbound Busch Boulevard at Nebraska Avenue.

• Eastbound Fowler Avenue at Nebraska and northbound Nebraska at Fowler.

• Westbound Hillsborough Avenue at Nebraska and northbound Nebraska at Hillsborough.

• Northbound Armenia Avenue at Hillsborough.

• Northbound Lois Avenue at Hillsborough.

• Eastbound Gandy Boulevard at West Shore Boulevard.

We need to keep an eye out and let JM know when the rest come on-line at:

Cameras to come

• Eastbound Adamo Drive at 50th Street and southbound 50th at Adamo.

• East- and westbound Hillsborough at 22nd Street.

• Southbound Dale Mabry Highway at Gandy, and eastbound Gandy at Dale Mabry.

• Eastbound Kennedy at Ashley Drive.

• Southbound Dale Mabry at Kennedy and eastbound Kennedy at Dale Mabry.

• East- and westbound Columbus Drive at Dale Mabry and southbound Dale Mabry at Columbus.

• Westbound Gandy at West Shore.

• Eastbound Busch at Nebraska.

• East- and westbound Busch at Florida and southbound Florida at Busch.

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Flaco--Thanks for the heads up. I haven't updated my camera file in a couple of months.


Gave those coordinates to JM a few weeks ago. He already has them in the RLC file, along with the ones in St Pete.

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Thanks Again.

Thanks again. Heading over to St. Pete and Tampa all day to shoot the Rays/Rangers playoff game and the Bucs/Colts Monday Night Football game. Needless to say, I'll be in a bit of a hurry making it from stadium to the other for press credential check in.

But hey, I love my job. LOL