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260W Nuvi Map update issues Not enough memory


Folks: I know by reading lots of threads that this has been beaten to death...but..My eys are burning out try to find answers to specific questions.
I aso have issues with the 260W "not enough memory for the update" I've deleted everything in text except British english.gtt and and French .gtt Deleted all help files except American english. Deleted all voice files except English American Jill, English Aust Karen and English British Emily....these are all .VPM files. Also deleted a bunch of vehicles. Still not enough memory, However....I just realized that when entering an address it would always give me two or show it twice (if you will). By checking out map info on the unit, I found two maps and both were checked.
CN North America NT 2012.10 with a [1] and a few states. and also CN North America NT 2011.40 with a [1] lower 49 states NE. This kinna tells me I have TWO maps installed on the unit. Some on the unit and some on the SD card. Why didn't the update replace the old map or simply update the one that was there? Can I and should I delete the 2011.40 off the unit? If so How? Sorry soo long winded but here's the important question. Can I download a new update map and put it completely on my SD card (2 gig) get rid of the existing maps on the unit to free up space and reload some voices and vehicles etc. Again if so ....HOW? I know enough about computers to be very dangerous!

'Does this rag smell like chloroform to you? Nuvi 260W

The reason you have two maps

The reason you have two maps on the internal memory is that one of them is named gmapprom.img while the other is named gmapsupp.img. By default, the map installer names the update map gmapsupp.img.

Move both maps off the nüvi, run the map installer and you should fix the problem you're having. If you need to install the map onto a SD card, you can, but move one of the old maps back onto the internal memory. Some units refuse to function if they fail to find a map in internal memory.

To load the map onto the SD card, get a 2GB or 4GB SD card and place it into the nüvi's SD card slot, because you can in fact install the complete map onto the SD card. But to do so requires MapInstall, which should be already installed on your computer. If it isn't, that means MapSource is also likely not present so you'll need to download Garmin BaseCamp, which includes MapInstall in the installation.. You can't use the automated installer for this.

Assuming you are attempting to install 2012.20, you will run MapInstall and install the full map onto the SD card. MapInstall has a drop-down box that allows you to select the 260W SD card slot. Once the map is installed on the SD card, disconnect and run the 260W. It will find the maps on both internal and external memory. When the 260W is done loading, go to Wrench > Settings> Map > Map Info and uncheck the old map so the nüvi only uses the new map.

Hope this helps.

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The reason you have two maps

Thanks so much for your response and feedback. I still managed to mess things up though. I removed the two old maps from the device as well as the SD card. (backed-up) Although I did this while on the Garmin site and started the update process. No matter what I did from that point on, The updater said: Not enough memory for the full NA maps, pick a smaller region...Even when I checked to device and computer it said the same thing. Not enough space.(even though I know yher was more than enough room) I ended up with just the EAST. (i was afraid of deleting the internal and SD mapes to begin with). But I'm ok now. The problem I think I'll have now is: I'll connect back up to the computer and delete the new map, try to update the computer only and transfer the whole map to the SD card. (hopefully) But now when I go to the Garmin site it says my device maps are up to date with no option to update anyway. What's up with that?

'Does this rag smell like chloroform to you? Nuvi 260W

Try this. It's a bit more comprehensive.

You can run the Garmin Map Updater program again to get the maps you need. However, I made an assumption error in my original how-to, because it doesn't explain that in order for the MapInstall process to work, the maps need to be on the computer's hard drive. I would recommend downloading the maps to the hard drive while you update your 260W, as shown in the outline below.

1. Connect the nüvi to your computer. Remove all maps from the device. Back them up of course.

2. Run Garmin Map Updater.

3. At the screen that says "Ready to update your maps", select "Install Options" and select "Install Map to Device and Computer."

4. Let Garmin Map Updater download and save the maps.

There is a reason why I recommend downloading the maps to the computer as well: it saves time since you don't have to repeatedly download the same map. By saving the maps to the hard drive, if you do run into a problem with updating the maps via Garmin Map Updater, you can simply use the old school procedure I'm about to outline below.

1. Download BaseCamp at and install it to get a copy of MapInstall, which is required for the next steps.

2. Run MapInstall and let it find the nüvi.

3. The MapInstall screen will show a map of North America. On the right of the screen is a meter. That meter tells you how much memory you have left on the device. You should have in the neighborhood of 1.3 or 1.4GB free at minimum on your device. Follow the directions labeled "If you do..." if you have sufficient memory. Follow the "If you do not..." instructions if you are short of memory.

If you do have sufficient memory:

4. Select all the available regions of the map by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse. You will see the segments that make up the map outlined in yellow as you drag the mouse over the map. When you release the mouse button, all segments in the map will change to pink. This shows that those segments are selected.

5. Select "Next" and let MapInstall transfer the maps to the nüvi.

6. Disconnect the nüvi from the computer and let it reboot to find the maps.

7. You're done.

If you do not have sufficient memory:

4. Select your home state or province by clicking on the state or province with your mouse. The state or province will turn pink to let you know it has been selected. NOTE: Some states and provinces, such as California and Ontario, have multiple segments to cover the entire state or province. In these cases, click on each segment until the entire state is selected.

5. Select "Next" and let MapInstall transfer the maps to the nüvi.

6. Insert a 2GB or 4GB (recommended) SD card into the nüvi SD card slot.

7. Run MapInstall.

8. When MapInstall detects the nüvi, click on the box that says "nüvi 260W (xxxxxxxx)". There should be an option to select the SD card. Make sure the SD card is selected.

9. Follow the directions in the "If you do have sufficient memory" section to transfer the maps to the SD card.

This was essentially the original procedure for installing maps before Garmin began to use the Map Updater program to try and make it less painful to update the maps. This is the procedure I still use today since it allows me the most control over the maps.

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Try this. It's a bit more comprehensive.

Wow Thanks again for the response. I'll give this a try when I get home. What concerns me it that even when I selected device and computer, it said "Not enough memory" Do you think it was because It didn't recognize that I deleted the device maps because the process had already started? When I(back up)then delete my new map on the device will I have sufficient roon to select device and computer. It didn't last time. Would it be better to just load it to the PC and use mapinstall to load it on the device?
I have mapsource as well as mapinstall already on my PC. Is it necessary to add yet another like BaseCamp. What's the advantage here or do I just not understand what baseCamp really is?
Onother note: I also have on the device GMAPBMAP (image file) as well as GMAPBMAP.sum I left these on the device as I wasn't sure what they were. I also have a few >gma files as well (don;t know what they are either)

'Does this rag smell like chloroform to you? Nuvi 260W

Answers to your questions

More than likely it didn't recognize that you had deleted the maps. You want to get rid of the old maps before you run the updater. Now, I personally use MapInstall for my map installs simply because I can copy half of the map to the internal memory of my 200W and the other half to the SD card, if I want to. You can run MapInstall if you wish, and it may not be a bad idea to do so. Eventually you will not have enough space left in the internal memory to load the entire map, meaning you will have to split the map or load a tiny map onto the internal memory and use the SD card to store the full map.

The 260W has 2GB of memory, if I recall. You should have plenty of room on the device to load 2012.20, but I provided the rest of the how-to in case you weren't able to load the whole map for whatever reason. The map cannot be installed to a hard drive with a standard copy of MapInstall. There are patched versions of MapInstall that get around that restriction, but I don't recall if the link I provided in another thread still works.

BaseCamp is the successor to MapSource, which has been discontinued. BaseCamp's biggest advantage over MapSource is the ability to load the maps from the nüvi. If you already have MapSource and MapInstall installed, you don't need BaseCamp. The only reason I mentioned BaseCamp is that MapInstall is automatically installed with it.

Gmapbmap.img is the base map. Don't delete it, though you can delete the .sum file. Back up the GMA files then delete them off the 260W. Those will get transferred to the device along with the map when you do the update.

One last thing regarding MapInstall. There is a drop down box on the map screen, which allows you to select the map set to install if you have multiple map sets installed. Make sure that box is set to 2012.20 or else you'll get an old map.

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Delete the Garmin.XML files

The update program can also be checking the unit configuration stored in the GARMIN.XML file. Delete the one on the unit, do a cold boot and a new one will be written showing no maps installed.

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I thought the XML file

I thought the XML file regenerated on every boot as it was, even if the XML file wasn't deleted.

"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." --Douglas Adams

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