Just introducing


Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the site, and new to the world of downloading POI's to my GPS so I just wanted to say hi!

welcome aboard

Welcome aboard!

There are several FAQs you should read along with some exercises to perform before you get too deep in the process of downloading POI and updating your device. They will help you better understand what is happening as well as answer a lot of the inevitable questions you will have.

In any event, we're here to help.

Illiterate? Write for free help.

Also, Welcome

When I first joined the site, I wanted some very simple instructions as to getting started and then being able to participate. Finding nothing very, very basic, I decided to write some once I gained some understanding. I used insights from members like charlesd45, turbocc, evert and box car, just to name a few (as there are so many that are more knowledgeable than me). I called them beginners esercises.

I strongly encourage you to read and act on the first two.

(1) how to get a manual and verify settings on your computer

(2) BACKUP (please do this one)

Scan the other exercises to see if any fit questions that you have right now.

Again, welcome

We are POI Factory

You have been assimilated.... grin

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Welcome . . .

to the forum, gerges! Hope you have fun and learn a lot.

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Hello gerges

May your journey into the world of downloading POIs be pleasant and fruitful.


We hope you will find a home here.. everyone is great here and dont be shy...

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Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site Gerges.Any problems just let us know.

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Welcome Aboard

There is a lot of good info to enjoy here and a lot of helpful people

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Be sure to keep your

Be sure to keep your windmill active so you can get the red light camera file for free! wink



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Welcome to the group gerges, it's a great group of people here ! Enjoy !

Welcome to the site...

Enjoy your time here.

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You will find a lot of knowledge here on this site.

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Welcome gerges!

As you can see we're a little shy around here. So see if you can wake us up a little. Enjoy!

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Ha ha, I heard you there!

Ha ha, I heard you there Sharper4!


Getting ready to drive from Illinois to Florida. Never updated any of my POI's since I got my Nuvi 350 for Christmas in 2008 I believe. Great site. Howdy everyone.




Great site with lots of useful POI's and friendly people.

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will be a great ride...

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Hi gerges!

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POI Factory adds amazing

POI Factory adds amazing value to any GPS purchase!


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Enjoy the site

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POI Factory is a wealth of information




a lot of nice people at this site

Welcome to the Site

You will find this site to be an invaluable source of information for your GPS.


Welcome aboard!

You'll find many useful POI files here. smile

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Everything you want to know about your GPS you will find here!

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I have been away from this

I have been away from this site for awhile, forgot how much good information there is here.

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