HP iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion


I was looking at the Circuit City flyer from the Sunday paper today and I saw this:
I have never given much thought about something like this until now, but the price looks attractive. I will look around for any review and post URLs if I find them. I wonder if this will make Garmin come out with something similar , perhaps a Garmin Nuvi 690 with built-in WiFi!


A good suggestion when

A good suggestion when posting a long url, copy that url to http://tinyur.com and then let tiny url create that same url with a major reduction in characters then post it to this or any site. (Your 236 characters has been reduced to only 25) Such as this..

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

HP iPAQ rx5915

I have first hand experience as follows:
The tom tom map software update for V6, and the GPS firmware update can be found on the HP download site (1.3gb). The HP update for Windows mobile 5 DST is available as well.

The tom tom software works well but has the shortcoming of announcing turns as 'right' or 'left' only (street names and freeway exit numbers are not enunciated). The gps receiver takes a while to locate satellites - be patient.

One unfortunate integration issue exists with Outlook Contacts not working well with the tom tom software. One must cycle through field by field to get the address accepted in tom tom. This is a 'known' problem according to tom tom support.

Prices recently fell to $499 - most likely a newer WM 6 platform is in development.

HP iPAQ rx5915

Thank you very much for the reply. I have been actively looking for additional information on this unit, but I am not finding a lot of it out there. The issues that you mention would concern me, but are not a definite deal killer. I think I will just have to buy one and try one out to see if it will be suitable for our needs.

I like it

I have one and have been using it for about a month. Other than an email glitch which I solved by downloading Minimo from Mozilla to replace Internet Explorer, I have been happy with the unit.

The Teleatlas maps are off in a few cases (I noted in Skagway Alaska the Klondike Highway was shown about 100 feet right which would have put me over the edge) but in a city its fine.

Having Nav with all the functions of a Pocket PC is a great combination for me.

If you go tp the HP web site and look for support forums, there's a lot of comments