I must be getting old


My cell phone - it only knows how to make phone calls.
No internet, no smarts, no apps.
I can go several days without charging it. At work, everyone is constantly charging their "smart" phones.

My GPS is a 750 Nuvi - it just
- helps get me where I am going
- finds the nearest Subway on my route to eat lunch
- warns me of speed cameras (thanks to POI Factory)

Electronics manufacturers keep re-inventing their products with new features to urge people to buy newer models to replace their older ones.

People are constantly replacing their cell phones every two years to keep up with the latest features.

I am even driving an 11 year old car.

I must be getting old, as the "old" model of everything seems to be OK for me?

Do people here love to upgrade their Nuvis?

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Not old...

just practical.

GPSMAP64s, iPhone XR w/Garmin North America, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS.

Yeah, but I wonder if...

I wonder if the upcoming 3490 is a worthy upgrade to a 765t.

It is interesting though that Garmin does not offer, at any price, an extended warranty for a unit (3490) that has LIFETIME maps and traffic. I wonder why.

Frank (Nuvi 2497LMT, 2455LMT, 765LMT,680,StreetPilot 2720)

I am still using Garmin C340

I am still using Garmin C340 with updated map. Still works great, I like the fast-recalculating on that unit.

It's true, everyday we are getting old.

She I upgrade to a new wife since my wife is getting old? She is 30 years old now smile

Have a great day!

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old stuff

Old car (15 years), old phone (4 years) old GPS (2 years) old computer (5 years) old dog (14 years) old me (52 years).


rvrrat wrote:

Old car (15 years), old phone (4 years) old GPS (2 years) old computer (5 years) old dog (14 years) old me (52 years).

Except for You and your GPSr, looks like your gonna be spending some money soon! smile

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I finally upgrade my 7 yrs old phone to a android phone. I gave because my phone is dying on me. It's hard to find replacement battery. sad
Bye my seven yrs Motorola v600. You serve me well! I retire you on your 7 yrs. old birthday.
Hello to my Samsung infuse.

Val - Nuvi 785t and Streetpilot C340


kmo wrote:

She I upgrade to a new wife since my wife is getting old? She is 30 years old now smile

Two year leases seem to be all the rage now. smile


upgrading my nuvi

I started out with the nuvi 350 and have upgraded mine every two to three years. I like to stay up on technology and use it. I do the same with my laptop computer. I am now researching tablets to replace my mini netbook for use when I travel.

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I don't consider a car old until it is at least 16...my cellphones most uptown feature is a flashlight that randomly shines (I still do not know how to turn it on or off!).

Cutting edge is something I only believe in for knives.

android phone with free

android phone with free Google Navigation with actual real-time traffic information blows to dust all of Garmins, just my opinion. It offers 100x times better and easier routing to avoid traffic, saw it in Norfolk, VA yesterday during Monday afternoon rush hour. My Garmin would get me stuck in 3-mile long backups many times (like it did around the DC a few days earlier when I was trying to follow I-95 over there) while Google NAVI did the trick seamlessly.

still however GPS (Garmin I mean) is the primary choice for areas "off the grid" where cell phones loose data connection or even reception.

recently I use both devices at same time for longer trips ... when I don't need android navigation (and Garmin route looks good) I just use android phone to play Pandora music via car's stereo smile

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I'm 'old' too and proud of

I'm 'old' too and proud of it. =) better for the envirnoment too. keep up the good work!!

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Still rockin a princess

Still rockin a princess phone and a Commodore C64. Someday, I plan to upgrade to a startac and a Newton. Then I'll finally be able to leave the house.


Lost on LI

Still using a Nuvi 350

It works well and I don't see any reason to go out and spend money on something that probably won't work as well. My phone is 4 years old. The phone company wants me to upgrade. I am still happy with it. I had the texting feature disabled after I bought the phone. It does what I want it to. It rings when someone calls me and I can call someone if I want to. Texting is so impersonal. Still own a tube style TV. I won't buy another TV until this one dies. Then I'll look at HDTV. Truck is 6 years old and the car is 3 years old and I'm perfectly happy. grin

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I work in I/S

My home PC is a homemade Windows 2000 desktop which just recently stopped booting up. My first laptop, I just got 2 weeks ago is well used. I don't, nor ever had a Facebook, MySpace or Twitter account. My latest vehicle purchase was a 1998 Honda Civic (which I just changed the head gasket on last week). My cell phone makes calls. (OK so I text with a QWERTY keyboard, but that's about it) The only reason I got it is because it's predecessor was being phased out by Verizon. They made me do it! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Like someone earlier stated, I have money in the bank, and little or no balances on the credit cards. Live well within your means, and prepare for a rainy day, I was always taught. Having toys may be fun, but having the ability to buy a toy when the whim arrives is much more appealing to me... I lose interest in most toys rather quickly....

Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best.

Had two cars for a total of

Had two cars for a total of 26 years. Phone is just for talking (and I have the ring SOUND like a ring!). I have been using computers since 1984, but just bought my first GPS. Love it because I can now go anywhere without worrying about getting lost. I have discovered many new places near my home that are very cool. Also started getting into geocaching, although (Getting Old) bending over to find those things isn't as easy as it once was.

As for updating, supply creates demand these days. New is better, even if it isn't. I think the best thing we Americans do is advertising. I'm a teacher and I ask my 11- and 12-year-olds how many cell phones they have had and the average is about three. Nobody got a new one because the old one was broken!

Old but buying by choice not to be in style

Bought an iPhone 4 this year because my " dumb" phone while good needed a new battery and I so I decided since I was going to spend money I would upgrade. My nuvi 255w is fine but being hearing impaired the extra aids such as junction view and lane assist I found made navigating in new places easier so I got a 755t. My Ford Sport Trac is a 2003 I bought new and I have no intention of trading it. Bottom line if I can get a real upgrade for something I would use I like to upgrade but to me upgrading to be " in style" or just to have the latest is not for me. Call me " old " or " out of touch " as some tend to do here but that's just me. If you like to always have the latest good for you.

I must be getting old

Well i'm 62 I love new stuff but I would rather try and fix something that is still working well than just go out and get a new one ,everything I own is well used and works great ,no point in trying to keep up. But others can to keep the economy going.


you have a point :)

LOL, you guys make a good point smile

actually I only care to have a fairly new (2-3 yrs old max) desktop PC and so-so modern smartphone (again 2-3 yrs old is fine for me), because of my profession wink

however, I drive a 2002 car, wife drives a 2000 one. until a year ago I was driving a 1992 Buick LOL!
I do take care of my cars and do most of tasks myself, I keep them 'up in good condition and as reliable as possible.

Garmin 275T is fine still mostly, I do not feel the need to buy something newer, just because it's there... however this doesn't change the fact that Android Google Navigation is awesome and since I already has been having this smartphone for a year with unlimited data plan, then making a good use of it comes free extra wink

I let others boost the economy smile

coonhunter wrote:

Well i'm 62 I love new stuff but I would rather try and fix something that is still working well than just go out and get a new one ,everything I own is well used and works great ,no point in trying to keep up. But others can to keep the economy going.

Garmin nuvi 2595LMT; Android 5.0 (Samsung GS3)


For us electronics hardware geeks, we MUST have the newest device on the market. We know we don't need them, but we develop strange tics and odd mannerisms if we don't have the latest and greatest.

Job hunting

Some jobs want you to apply through Facebook or Twitter. I am not wasting my time with that crap. I did sign up on Linkedin, but that's it.

Job hunting

Some jobs want you to apply through Facebook or Twitter. I am not wasting my time with that crap. I did sign up on Linkedin, but that's it.

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If it's not broken

If it's not broken why fix it?

RE: I Must Be Getting Old

johnm405 wrote:

I'am with you can't see spending money for new things when the old still work great. smile

So true,...........if you don't need to change it, than keep using it.


Some things get better with

Some things get better with age...

Stops Working

I always hate needing to replace an item that has stopped working. You are usually rushed to get back in operation and do not have time to compare or shop for the new item.


That's why I keep spares of cell's, GPS, computers, and a few other things. It gives me some breathing room to research.

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A to B.

I'm still using my 660 nuvi. It gets me from A to B just like the new ones.

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nuvi 360

Still use my good old nuvi 360 though I am pushing space wise and starting to delete some unnecessary poi files.


OLD, sure the heck beats the alternative.

OLD, hope everyone gets there someday.

OLD, if not, then you have the right to bitch!

I like that saying however it fails in computer world

yeah that old saying is not bad ... but has its exceptions and that is especially true for computer & electronics industry.

the reasons are simple:
a) improving functionality (all software has coding errors, or bugs, patches are the way of fixing them),
b) updating safety & security (that should be in everybody's interest),
c) adding new features (evolution),
d) upgrading the hardware (because newer gear means stronger and faster so it can serve the newer bigger and more demanding software applications better) smile

Makinja wrote:

If it's not broken why fix it?

Garmin nuvi 2595LMT; Android 5.0 (Samsung GS3)

I'm with you

I know it is about Garmin, but I have an old beaten TomTom One that was seating in a drawer for years without any use - the maps were too outdated and I didn't want to pay for an update. Last month I found it when had nothing to do and has decided to run just the firmware update on it, to see if it still works. And it has installed the very latest map from TomTom for free! Now, that TomTom is our best GPS, we've got the places on the map the new Garmin doesn't have. Who cares if it still works? It is free! Garmin is going away as a gift

ok with any technology but..

I'm ok with any technology that continues to work without overcomplicating the process. But a lot of the time the companies are targeting the younger crowd who tend to keep up with latest fads and and think that newer is better. It seems to be about bells and whistle much of the time.
Now, the so called smart phones force you to have a data plan on them even if you don't think you'll need it. Where's the "choice" in that?

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