FYI concerning Garmin 1490 LMT


Don't know if this will be of interest but I recently purchased and started using the FM extension that plugs into the 1490's receiver since I ran most my wiring (except for the receiver) under the dash. The traffic signal/icon was intermittant at best so I decided to purchase the extension. What a difference! Now, I get the traffic icon as soon as the unit boots has never failed to pick up the signal since I connected it. The jury is still out however in terms of how valuable/accurate the traffic info is.

If you block the signal, you get nothing

After all, the traffic receiver is a antenna. It is not just Garmin 1490, if you block the signal, your traffic receiver will get nothing. If you hide your 1490 in a similar location as your traffic receiver, you probably will not get GPS signal either.

The question is, why Garmin is not building the traffic receiver antenna in the main body of the GPS unit, so we don't have to have a dangling cord/cable.