Import POI-Factory camera CVS files for use with Google Navigator and others!


I don't know much about the light version, I have the pro. I also use it in the background not using it's maps. I use Google Navigator and get all the POI-Factory custom POI alerts from the Radardroid app.

I recommend this Android App!

GPS speed camera warning application for Android devices. Radardroid will give a visual and audible warning when you approach any fixed or mobile speed camera in the application database. This application will give you advanced warning of possible danger ahead and will reduce possible speeding tickets thanks to the ever increasing available features. We do not condone speeding and will not be held responsible for anybody prosecuted for breaking the law.

Radardroid Pro includes the following additional features:

No ads or banners. Your device full screen devoted to the info you really need.
Full background service. Use your favorite navigator or listen to your music on your phone and you will still receive any visual or audible alerts as you approach any speed camera. Just start the alert service and you are ready.
Speed camera directions supported. If you have a database with speed camera directions info, you will only received alerts when travelling in the right direction.

If you already know of any database with that info, you can use it and Radardroid will make use of it. (i.e. POI-Factory cvs files.)

Multiple simultaneous databases. You can enable or disable any database or speedtrap type whenever you want without downloading the databases again.

Speed camera editor. Add or edit any speed camera with our editor. You can change any data about the speed camera, name, position, direction of travelling, speed limit, type.

Add new personal points of interest. Just double tap on the map and your current position will be stored as a personal point of interest. You can add extra info later on with the editor. If you stumble upon a new speedcamera on your way home, just double tap your device screen and Radardroid will warn you when you approach that location thereafter.

Speedometer can be shown over your favorite navigator or application. Just configure how and where the speedometer will be shown.

In addition to all the features in Radardroid Lite:

Voice warnings telling speed camera type and road limit (users can customize these warnings).
Visual and audible warnings.
Vibrator warnings (very useful for bikers).
Change the application settings to prevent the phone to switch off the screen or let the phone dim of switch the screen off to improve your battery life. Even if the screen is off, the application will show the warning dialog, turning the screen on again if needed.
Day and Night modes.
Select your screen orientation: portrait, landscape or automatic.
Radardroid main window is an interactive map which shows the closest speed camera locations. Radardroid also incorporates a digital speedometer that shows your speed and direction.

Import the POI-Factory Camera Database from your SD card.

You can find Radardroid Pro in Android Market under the Travel category in Applications directory.


Google Radardroid Pro, and there you can scan the QR code.

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Convert csv or ov2 or other files to CVS

Hello, can you please advice me I dont find anything to convert any poi to CVS.

do you have a tutoriel?

Best regards

conversion tools

Hi Schnurf.

If you are running Windows then the most popular POI editing/conversion tool among the users here is Extra_POI_Editor. There are also some other suggestions in the FAQ here.