has anyone tried the buddylist feature?


I was just starting to play with the buddylist feature here and it is neat. I think it might even be helpful at times.. I think I am going to start to use it and see how it works out!

I will most likly make everyone here my buddy since3 everyone is cool!! :}

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Cool People

I agree that everyone here is very cool! I have only had my Garmin C550 for about two weeks, and I can't believe how much I have learned from everyone here. I even made my own POI list for the locations of my place of work here in town.
We have 18 Grocery Distribution Centers and I'm not sure how many Food-service Distribution Centers across the country, so I may go ahead and create the locations for all of those.
I want to thank everyone for all of the information on this site, and I plan to stay around for a LONG time.

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Welcome to the site Rick, it

Welcome to the site Rick, it is nice to have you here;)

Miss Poi


Rick good to have you onboard.