Advance Auto Parts POI out dated


Hi people,

I frequently visit many different auto parts stores like Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, NAPA, Pep Boys, etc. in cities around me, not always known by me (GPS used often to get to some).

I don't know how about you, but actually Advance Auto Parts is my favorite one, especially they offer great discounts online (coupon codes) for online store with an option of 1hr local pickup in selected stores (based on availability) ... so this one is real good smile

Unfortunately, the POI file for this brand is from 2007 and misses LOTS of new stores they opened (at least 3 nearby me).

Is anybody working on it?

The guy who initially posted it seems to stop updating it long time ago (if ever)... I could slowly take over if no complains, but let me emphasize "slowly" smile

Let me know what you think.

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Sounds good to me

feniks wrote:

.... Let me know what you think.

Sounds good to me but if you want someone with a little authority here, I have about as little as there is to be had.

We usually recommend

We usually recommend contacting the maintainer to see whats up. They may not respond if they are not active. Then it would be up to Miss Poi to give the file and maintenance to you. What we try to avoid (I stress try) is duplicate and triplicate files.

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Thanks for volunteering!

Thanks for volunteering!


gotcha ! smile

will send a message to currently assigned maintainer and see what up. smile

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Please do

Please do update the Advance Auto POI. I, too, do use them a lot.

One time, I was having trouble finding the correct cabin filter for my car that fight allergens. The counter man found it for me, then he looked up the installation time in the computer. And the price was about a third of the dealership price.

To my surprise, he said, "Oh, quick installation. Is your car in the lot?"

I said, "Yes."

He said, "I'm not busy. Come on."

He told a second counter man that he was going outside for "customer service", and he removed and discarded my old filter, and installed the new one. He then said, "Have a nice day."

And he wouldn't take a tip from me.

I haven't been to another parts store since.

Gotta travel on ... with my nuvi 2450LM.

Thanks for the support

Thanks for the support people smile

I sent a message to the current maintainer yesterday (24hrs ago), so far no reply.

a little off topic, but if anybody is interested in ordering AAP stuff online here is a link to most popular discount codes (remember that you can choose local pickup in store nearby after 1hr, no shipping charges) in their webstore:


Garmin nuvi 2595LMT; Android 5.0 (Samsung GS3)