Garmin GPS With Google Maps Navigation


I know this might almost sound sacrilegious to ask this, but here goes anyway. Could a GPS company, maybe NOT Garmin since they are essentially a direct competitor, but for the sake of argument, say a Garmin Nuvi 1690 or 1695, that has cellular connectivity built in anyway, use that to have BOTH navigation via its regular maps AND Google Maps Navigation? The reason I ask that tonight is I just returned from a trip from Minnesota to Wisconsin and back. I used my Garminfone, that has the most current maps on it, and it still missed some roads that have been in place for several years now. Interestingly enough, Google Mobile Navigator was more up to date and had those very roads in it database already. I realize that the likelihood of this happening is slim to none, but sometimes I think the old adage is true, "If you can't beat them, join them." And for the sake of full disclosure here, I still love stand alone GPS navigators, but I must admit it is a little bit frustrating to have paid for the most current Garmin maps and have a free application beat them at their own game.

Google maps are about the most updated maps there are.

Google maps are about the most updated maps there are. While PND manufactures sell frequent updates they rarely will add streets that you will use.Some of the mistakes I find are 2-10 years old.

Phone and GPS


I think to have the best of both worlds, you will need to travel with a smart phone (iPhone or Android) along with a Garmin Nuvi GPS.

It is not likely to get both capabilities in the same box.