Store Google Map Tiles On Your Smartphone


Google has just released update 5.7 to Google Maps. One of the new features is the ability to download specific map tiles to your phone so you can navigate even if you lose cell coverage.

In order to use the download feature you have to enable it in Labs. Menu - More - Labs - then tap where it says Download Map Area. Go back to the map screen and scroll to an area you'd like to download. Press and hold the screen until an address bubble appears, then press the arrow and the last option is Download Map Area.

The only drawback right now is that each map tile only covers ten miles, so if you're planning a long trip you'd have to download quite a few tiles. But considering it's free its hard to complain!

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Great News!

Yay! This is great news.....I hope they modify it a little in the future to allow a user to download the map tile a state at a time....

FREE Maps!!!


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The size must play a part in

The size must play a part in not being able to use the downloaded maps to route with.

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This I will definitely have to try.

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Yep, not sure I'll have to

Yep, not sure I'll have to use it for anything at the moment 'cos the phone and nuvi do what I want but it's something to play with in case I do go out of cell coverage.

just remember that there are

just remember that there are other third party apps that will download the map tiles for you, so it is possible to get them to download automatically.

As I understand it you still

As I understand it you still need data connection to be able to search for places and get directions. It's a great new feature regardless.


This download stores only the base map tiles and the landmarks on the map, so you still need a data connection to see satellite view and 3D buildings, search for Places and get directions.

Store Google Map Tiles On Your Smartphone

That is great to know. Thank you for posting that. I suspect it is one more thorn for Garmin, however.