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Last updated 06/26/2011

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One of the questions always asked here in Texas is, "who has the best BBQ?"

Texas Monthly Magazine publishes their roundup of the best BBQ within the state. This file contains the best of the best (ratings of 4.00 and above out of a possible 5.00).

I used a variety of mapping sources (Google Earth, Map Source, Google Maps and Phil Hornby's GeePeeEx Editor to come up with the best GPS locations as possible, especially in the areas of nowhere land. But as with the usual caveat, where the map says it is may not be where the GPS says it is, so calling ahead for specific directions is always a wise idea.

Who has the best BBQ? In my unabashed opinion it falls to two locations. Snow's BBQ in Lexington and Louie Mueller (pronounced Miller) in Taylor. But I have no doubt others will disagree, it is Texas after all and we never agree on anything!

Check out the Texas Monthly Magazine website for the full write up of each location. Then head out and enjoy BBQ the way it's supposed to be.


And yes I know it says top 50; but they only list 48...See I told ya we can't agree on anything!