Can't Import Large .cvs files into Delrome SA


Delorme says I cannot import .cvs files >250 records into SA 2010.

I am a RVer and need the Combined Campgrounds and RV parks POI loaded into my computers' Street Atlas app. I see no easy way to do it except to break the huge POI file into 250 record chunks.

Any advice or workarounds?

TIA for your assistance.



Try Streets & Trips. It handles the files with ease. There is also a MegaPOI file available with every campground, truck stop, most chain restaurants like Golden Corral, Wal Marts, Casinos, repair places and a host of other items that load directly into S&T.

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How are you doing the import into SA? I just tried an import of a .CSV file with 1086 entries into SA 2010 Plus and it all went in without a problem. I imported it into the draw layer using the file type "POI Factory/Garmin CSV file".

Edit: If you don't have the "Plus" version of SA, you need to make sure you turn on the "Advanced File Management" mode in Street Atlas.

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I have 2009/2010/2011 versions of SA and Topo, and never had a problem importing POI files, some take some time like the Shell file.


I had the same problem what I do is use EPE, Extra POI Editor,use save as GPX. You won't have any problem it just takes time. I convert WiFi file about 65000 entries in it with no problem. I use SA 2011 only.
You can get EPE at, download latest version 488 & latest version of help file, 4.85 put them in the same file folder & create an icon for it.