Motorola Droid X Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update Installed Today


Finally got the new Gingerbread 2.3.3 Android update today on my Verizon Droid X. I think that other than a couple of Nexus Google phones the Droid X is the first or near the first Android phone to get the newest system software.

A lot of new features and new user interface. Installed easily and other than having to reinstall the clock widget everything else was still there and operating.

Very fast and very smooth graphics. Lots of improvements and very pleased so far.

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Waiting with anticipation!!!!Got it and loving it....

Bobby....Garmin 2450LM

GPS Airplane mode?

Does the GPS works (can lock on satellites) in Airplane mode?
This is a known bug in several Motorola phones and I wondered (hoped) it would be fixed with GB.

Can't wait for T-Mobile to

Can't wait for T-Mobile to get Gingerbread on the MyTouch 4G

looking forward to upgrading

looking forward to upgrading to gb

GPS fixes

jale wrote:

Does the GPS works (can lock on satellites) in Airplane mode?
This is a known bug in several Motorola phones and I wondered (hoped) it would be fixed with GB.

One thing it'd be VERY helpful to know--not only phone models but phone providers (i.e. is this being reported mostly on Verizon phones, or is this on the same model with multiple providers). I have a sneaking suspicion that in some cases providers (cough cough Verizon cough ahem) may be deliberately crippling drivers, as they've been known to do before...

As for whether this would improve with Gingerbread, that depends on a few things:

a) Whether new radio firmware has been written that de-links CDMA radio and GPS (i.e. allows on-off settings for each)

b) Whether the provider is deliberately crippling GPS capability in the phone (personally, I feel if evidence comes out that they are, it's time for another class-action, because Verizon HAS been busted on this before and is rather infamous for it)

c) Whether the firmware bug (if it's not a matter of being deliberately hobbled) has been corrected

In the case of the Motorolas, I really have a gut feeling providers may be hobbling them, but it will take more info (specifically, comparison between the same phone model with different providers--with CDMA phones, it's pretty much a comparison between Verizon, Sprint, and some international providers) to determine this--and if it is a case where providers are hobbling them, that opens up possibilities to alternative ROMs with the hobbling removed. (If it's a general bug, that's a different thing, though.)

That said--I can't give data for Motorola phones, mind, but at least with the G2, the likely release candidate for its Gingerbread update (probably out this June) has been leaked and GPS (at least to me) seems about the same between Froyo and Gingerbread...maybe a bit stronger on Gingerbread (there HAVE been radio improvements in the RC "leaked" ROM).

Here's hoping that the Gingerbread ROM fixes the issues for Motorola folks, at least. grin

Y'all will like Gingerbread :D

I've been playing around with the likely release candidate for Gingerbread on the G2 (it was leaked sometime mid-May, and is likely to come out officially as an OTA update sometime this June unless they do any last-minute fixes)...

You'll like Gingerbread. You'll really like Gingerbread. At least on the G2, it is VERY fast, faster than Froyo, and more stable in my general experience even with lots of apps in the background...very much looking forward to the actual OTA update, if anything changes, that is! grin

(I will note, as an aside--and it is an important aside--that the G2 pretty much runs stock Froyo and will be running stock Gingerbread without any real "enhancements" or extra bloatware that providers typically put on. It is also apparently an especially good build of Gingerbread; people comparing this build with Cyanogenmod 7 have spoken VERY approvingly of this build, saying this would be probably the first "stock" ROM they'd recommend to folks. The sole thing is that the G2 Gingerbread ROM is not rootable once installed (yet), but as I don't really run stuff requiring root it's not a huge thing, and typically G2 ROMs have been rooted fairly quickly after official releases.)