Abbott's Frozen Custard

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Last updated 12/15/2018

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Includes 37 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: FL, MA, NC, NY, SC
  • some may be in: MD, VA (near a border)

It all started in 1902 with a young and enthusiastic Arthur Abbott. He was traveling with small carnivals along the eastern seaboard, spending his days entertaining the public, and his nights perfecting his secret recipe for a frozen dessert. He peddled his delicious creation as he moved from state to state with the carnival, and saved the profits to support his interests in horse racing. Little did he know the impact his heavenly treat would have on the public for years to come.

In 1926, tired of the constant travel, he settled down in the port town of Rochester, New York. He opened up shop at the corner of Lake and Beach Avenues, just across the street from Lake Ontario. At the time, there was a bustling amusement park there that drew crowds of people from all over. Once word got out about Arthur’s handcrafted concoction, people started lining up by the hundreds to enjoy what became known as Abbott’s Frozen Custard.

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