Rand McNalley GPS


Has anyone seen or purchase on of the new Rand McNalley GPs's for RV's What I have read so far the may be nice. It would have to do better then my 660 to get me to buy one.

TripMaker® RVND™ 5510

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

TripMaker® RVND™ 5510

I got one delivered Friday, but haven't used it yet. I will try it out tomorrow for the first time and will publish my thoughts. There doesn't seem to be a lot of documentation and I don't know if I will be able to download POI's to it. We will see. My Garmin 765 went belly up after a power failure during a map update a couple of weeks ago.

David Cross Garmin Overlander Day after day as I try to remember, I find my forgetter working better and better.

David, any updates after

David, any updates after havign some time to use it?

I have a Garmin 1490 I use in my RV, one of my favorite features is the Lane Assist which gives me plenty of advance knowledge which lane to be in. Very helpful in busy traffic on a 7-lane interchange when I need to be in lanes 3 or 4 to make a particular exit, esp. when I'm towing and over 60 feet long in heavy traffic.

Does the Tripmaker have something comparable, to let you know which lane(s) to be in? I couldn't find anything listed on their website.

POI of course is a must have feature, though their selling point seems to be plenty of preloaded RV-related POIs, along with nav features based on length & height etc.