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Hey everyone. Just wanted to say that it is great that so many other people out there find gps devices cool. Honestly, my story is, i get lost many times (and disoriented) when driving and often i have to call my father and ask where i need to go. I also have a very bad memory when it comes to specific names like people's names and road names. I got a gps device to alleviate my many problems. And i got it because i love to go hiking and do all kinds of outdoors stuff. I like getting lost in the woods but i hate getting lost on the road. When i am on the road i like to get to my destination safely. I love driving and will enjoy it more since i have a gps now. I actually plan on taking off work for 9 total days and driving north (i live in Georgia) half way through the week and then driving home. I would have never done that without a gps system. Well i would have done it but i would have to plan out everything i wanted to do. Now with the gps system i can get off track and do whatever i want and know the gps will still get me home safely.

The info on this website is wonderful. I appreciate all the work everyone has done. Enjoy.


I also enjoy getting lost in the woods. Welcome to the site, keep coming back it is just going to get better:)
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natural blonde?

My hair's brown but my wife's convinced I'm a natural blonde as I'd get lost holding a map, with a guide, standing 100 yards from my objective. Got used to GPS at an early age and now I can't get around without it.

I recently took a trip from my house to Indianapolis, then up to Chicago for two weeks for work. My house is about 24 miles north of Charlotte, NC. The trip up was via fastest route. The trip back took two full days (18 hours total) as I took only minor roads all the way from Chicago to NC. Came over the Blue Ridge Mountains, no joke, on a one lane road that was just wide enough for my Ford Taurus to make it through. Both ways, there and back, via GPS guidance. That trip back, while the weather wasn't the greatest, was one of the most enjoyable I've had in years.

Good luck to you and welcome to the community!!!

. . If I only had a brain....................................... ..................................................... GPS Units in Use: Mio C310x (primary) and Garmin eTrex Legend for GeoCaching.

Thanks for the welcome

The trip sounds awesome and i want to do the same thing one day. I have a ford taurus too...I'm convinced that it really is the all in one. You can't say that a SUV is the all in one when they get crappy gas millage. The ford gets good millage and has a ton of space and very roomy since i am tall and need it. I have had so much fun programming poi into my gps. I only wish i could get the bmp files that i attach to poi to have a transparent background. I read that you have to use 255,0,255 but i have tried that with adobe and have tried different color profiles and all that stuff and still no success. Oh well. Thanks for the welcome.


Okay, now I gotcha, I saw your ealier post on transparency and didn't know you meant the backgrounds. Send me a couple and I'll 'transparentize' them and send them back to you. If that works then I'll tell you the secret to it, no sense telling you up front and having my secret be

The Taurus I have is a company car, free gas, free maintenance, that kind of thing. I've had 4 different model cars from an Intrepid to a Taurus to a Volvo, then three kinds of pickups. I traded my Ford Ranger 4x4 for the Taurus (got a promo at work and they said I no longer needed the truck) and am actually more comfortable in the Taurus. I'm 6' 2" tall so needed the head space... of all of them the Taurus has been the most road worthy, and has taken a beating. I'm at 48k miles in six months and it's holding up great.

. . If I only had a brain....................................... ..................................................... GPS Units in Use: Mio C310x (primary) and Garmin eTrex Legend for GeoCaching.

By the way, if you send me

By the way, if you send me your icons, I'll have to do them when I get back if I don't get them today. I'm going to Atlanta in the morning then to Dallas for the rest of the week and won't be back to the home puter until Monday of next week. No biggie if you're not in a rush.

. . If I only had a brain....................................... ..................................................... GPS Units in Use: Mio C310x (primary) and Garmin eTrex Legend for GeoCaching.

thanks a ton

Thanks for the help. I will send them to you once i figure out how to send files. Im 6'4" so the head space is definitely a plus.

Hmm Jon and I also have a

Hmm Jon and I also have a ford taurus, in fact at one point we both had one and then we had to get the mini van after the kids started to arrive.
At some point I would like to be driving a muscle car from the late 60's.
Miss Poi