How do I know? (if map update made a difference)


Just updated my Garmin 780 maps from City Navigator North America NT 2009 to North America NT 2011.40. Is there a way to determine rather anything changed or not. I would think I would see something new in two years but so far I have not found anything different. It still shows a restaurant across the street that has been out of business for over a year. Maybe Garmin just didn't know is on this update. I live in a small town so I don't have many ways to check any new additions since not to much changes around here.

Does anybody know of a location that would have been on the 2009 maps but not on the 2011.40 update or better yet a location or address that you know is on the 2011 maps that couldn't have been on the 2009 maps?

(Under tools/maps on my Garmin it does show North America NT 2011.40 box checked)

Would appreciate any help trying to determine if my update has made any difference at all.

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I am sure that it made a

I am sure that it made a difference. Unfortunately the changes are subtle depending on where you live. It sometimes takes 2-3 or more years for a change to a map to be seen. The internal poi's are updated also, but not accurate. That is why there is the poi-factory.

For instance, I run a 750 with 2 year old maps and a new 1350 with updated maps (at the same time) just to see. I travel across upstate NY and have not seen any changes.

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In most cases, the changes

In most cases, the changes are real subtle, if there are any at all.

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Maybe you will, maybe you won't

If there have been no changes to streets or roads in your area, then you wouldn't see any changes. As for the restaurant, the POI portion of the map update lags far, far behind the actual maps. If someone tells Garmin the restaurant is closed then they will delete it in a few years.

Check the area around Defiance, Ohio. US-24 has been re-routed west of Defiance. The hwy is now limited access, 4 lane along a new route. The old hwy is still there and shown on the new map. NT 2009 didn't show the new route.


Check out Silver Fountain Inn in Branson MO. Next to it is Fall Creek Road that connects hiway 76 to the Blue Route. That newer road is on the latest update. (It's about time)

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How do I know? (if map update made a difference)

Perhaps the better question is, how do you know it didn't?

Paper maps have the same foibles. I would think few maps are truly current within a year.

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Updated POI's

With today's economy, I would be worried if the POI's are current from the map update-seeing that so many are going out of business.

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When I updated the GPS gave me better directions than it did before. It did add some new roads that were built near me.

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Map update not much difference

There are differences but not much. It's took more than 2 years for all the update show up.

Example: I have to search WAMU banks to find Chase branchs or Circuit City still show up in Garmin's POI database.

I prefer update the unit firmware gonna make the GPS more smooth, less bug and add more features.