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Can Smart Phones or IPhone warn of red light cameras?

260, 295W, 1490T,2455LMT

Need a different app

There are apps out there that do that. The poi factory files only work with the portable GPS units.

I use

I use Trapster on my iPhone. It has really good features using input from users.

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thanks for your reply

260, 295W, 1490T,2455LMT

good to know that. i thought

good to know that. i thought you could do this only on gps devices.

There's an app...

For almost anything you can think of - and probably some things you've never thought of...

The GPS apps on iPhone I've used thus far lack the ability to do custom POIs, and optimized routing - so if those things are deal-breakers for you, the stand-alone GPS that does what you want is still the way to go - but the apps are evolving, and getting better all the time.

What would be the perfect thing - in my opinion - would be a GPS app on a phone that would be a "data conduit" for a stand alone device - giving all the best of both worlds.

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Not Exactly...

chimchim12 wrote:

There are apps out there that do that. The poi factory files only work with the portable GPS units.


The files here at POI factory can and will work without a stand alone GPS.

If you have the right app?... you can use your smart phone as a GPS without a data or internet connection.

All that is needed is a smartphone with GPS capability and the right app. I use a great one that will alert to any POI file loaded. I have it on my Samsung Epic 4G as a backup.

If anyone wants the name... (Radardroid).
Your Smartphone can alert to Redlight cameras, Speed traps or any POI file loaded.

There is a APP for that!!!

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There is an Iphone app that does custom pois -- uses OV2 for the poi file format - so a csv file from here could be converted to OV2 and used... However, it appears you'd need a means of dropping files into the iPhone's physical storage... to do that on a mac, I use iPhone Explorer. Similar programs for Windows exist.

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poi factory files work great

poi factory files work great on my nokia n8 with gmobile xt.

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kkkelleher wrote:

Or will you still need your Garmin or other gps?

I use PhantomAlert on both my Garmin and my BlackBerry. I use primarily my Garmin, but if I am in a vehicle without the ability to hve the GPS, the BlackBerry works excellent.

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Which one is more

Which one is more accurate/reliable, PhantomAlert or POI file created on this website?


tttincognito wrote:

Which one is more accurate/reliable, PhantomAlert or POI file created on this website?

I'm not sure I know the answer to that. The POI file has something like 3,600 red light cameras and another 450 speed cameras. PhantomAlert lists something like 144,000 entries, but that includes speed & red light cameras, speed traps (useless to me, since they are moving target), school zones, and DUI checks (which I think is useless). I just download the database for speed & red light cameras from their site into my BlackBerry & Garmin, since that is all I'm interested in.

The major difference, though, is probably that the PhantomAlert database is updated & verified online by all users, whereas the POI file is more limited in updates.

What it all comes down to is probably a matter of preference. I like the BlackBerry option when I'm in a rented car or otherwise without my Garmin.

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nope need gps

yep ya still need that garmin

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