Lost Mapsource


I just updated my 255W with the most recent maps.

Noticed this morning I no longer had Mapsource in my Garmin folder.

Did the map update cause me to loose it or what?

Look elsewhere

On XP computers the updated Mapsource is located here:

"C:\Program Files\Garmin\MapSource.exe"

If you have XP, it should be there unless you selected another location during the update.

Otherwise, what operating system are you using? It is in yet other places for Vista and 7.

But Mapsource should still startup via shortcut on your desktop or from the All Programs list.

Got It

I did a search and it was not to be found.

I went to MyGarmin and downloaded it and it installed alright on my Vista Home Premium.

I had read that there could be a problem doing it this way but everything worked out ok.

Thanks for the info.

PS-I don't why I am worried about loosing MS as I can't upload routes on my 255W anyway. Just want to learn how to use it so if I upgrade someday I will be ready.

By the way does this forum have email notification of new posts?

Other uses of Mapsource with 255W

Mapsource should have been updated automatically when you did the mapdate.

If you have User Account Control enabled on your Vista computer maybe you responded incorrectly to the UAC popup at the time Mapsource was trying to update.

But no matter, since you have mapsource working again.

Note that you can use Mapsource with your 255W for other things even if you cannot do routing.

For example you can get the Favorites from the 255W and save them. You can create new waypoints and send them to your 255W.

You also can send only the map segments you actually need if the storage space is getting full with other stuff.

POI Factory does not send email notices of new posts.

Thanks for all the useful

Thanks for all the useful info.

Leaving Sunday for another trip so going to put the Garmin to good use.