TT sells users GPS tracking data to police


Tom Tom sells customer's aggregate tracking data to police to show where people often speed; aids police in placing speed traps.

Now if they were REALLY smart, they would sell it to us as likely spots to expect speed traps.

Tom Tom

I would never buy a Tom Tom after reading this!

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Update 2: We have an English-language video from TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn embedded after the break. In it he says that the company will "prevent that type of usage" of the navigation data going forward. So, no need to turn off the 'ol GPS when you're late for work tomorrow morning.

Yer a week late with this news

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bramfrank wrote:

Yer a week late with this news

Yes, but it was posted in OPEN TALK, not TOMTOM TALK.


Oh, you actually go to specific forums?

I just watch the recent posts and leave it at that. I have no idea what forum these things are posted in.

Currently have: SP3, GPSMAP 276c, Nuvi 760T, Nuvi 3790LMT, Zumo 660T

I wouldn't buy a Tom Tom

I wouldn't buy a Tom Tom after seeing this issue..

In Put It In Open Talk

I am the original poster and put this in open talk because while TT got caught this subject has broad consequences for all owners no matter their brand preferences.
We all plug our PND's into our computers open propriety software and update, add POI's use a plug-in like Communicator etc. I doubt many, if any of us have actually read the EULA and thus have no clue what data we are giving to them much less what they do with that data. This story relates to everyone in this community not just one set of owners.

smart phone

that is one of the concern I have on using smartphone for navigation use....

these are real time data.


Does the eula allow this? Seems like a lawsuit in the making.