POI files


Could I e-mail my POI files from my mac to my daughter who has a dell computer and have here covert them to the format that can be used on the galaxy tab then have her down load them into the tab that I may buy. Or would it be necessary for her to down load them from the poi factory site, convert them, then download them into the Tab? Just some things I need to know before I plunk down 500 dollars... question

2 things

1. Does the Galaxy support custom POI?
2. What format is needed?

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It is a kml file..

File Conversion

You may be able to convert your file at this site.


Not sure if this is what you are asking but thought I would give it a shot. :]

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Can Be Done...With Limitations

You cannot copy your POI files directly from the GPS to the Galaxy Tab. Usually the files are in an encrypted format, e.g. .GPI for Garmin POI files instead of .CSV or .GPX. So the files need to be downloaded. Most POI files on the site can be converted to KML format using the program "Extra POI Editor" (search the forums). However, files that require Tourguides or proximity alerts will not work properly in Google Nav for Android. They will show up, but you will not receive an alert at a specified distance or speed.

Here's how to do it. While the link refers to the Motorola Droid section of the forum, the steps are the same.

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