Phone Address book issues with Zumo 550 and Pocket PC Phone


I have been trying to use the phone book in my pocket PC with my Zumo 550. I have had indivdual contacts show up from time to time (when I do a bluetooth Beam) on the Zumo (under Address book) but the phone book button on the zumo keeps dissappearing. Is there a way to keep them there? Is there a way to see all of the address book entries in the phone via bluetooth instead of beaming them over to the Zumo via bluetooth? thanks,


Garmin 2820 w/ Treo 700w

I have the Garmin 2820 sync'd up with a Treo 700w. I have noticed that the Contacts won't come across at all. Matter a fact, when I receive a call it will only show the phone number (not the person's name) unless I have the person on speed dial.

In any event - unless the two are in sync it will not light up any of the phone features. Are you sure that you're bluetooth is connected when you're looking for the phone features? I have to either manually connect mine or sometimes it will take a couple minutes to realize its connected.

Check out the Zumo forum

Check out the Zumo forum if you haven't already.

Here's a thread about the phonebook on a Treo.

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Some phones sync better than

Some phones sync better than others. Also, once the bluetooth link between the Zumo and the phone is broken (distance, phone off), the phone book on the Zumo is gone. It will re-download when it next links up. Some phones you have to initiate the first sending, others won't send. Some are seamless and send everything automatically.

MM's comment on checking out the Zumo forum website is the best thing you can do for getting answer to Zumo questions.

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