Red Light Camera questions


I can't seem to find a real solid explanation. I noted that when I get near a Red Light intersection that my Garmin says "Red Light". What's the code after the period used for?

Also - I noticed a BUNCH of Red Light intersections on the POI that I'm not sure are legit. That might be "planned" Red Light cameras though. How can I find out? They're almost all located in Keller, TX. I searched the web and couldn't find any news related items that they had planned to put Red Light cameras in that city yet I'm notified of quite a few on 1709 / Southlake Blvd.

Thanks much guys. This forum rocks.

the code

The code at the end is the code we use to distinguish each separate camera. If you think that a camera has been turned off you can give us that code and we can tell which one you are looking at.

When we first started this site we had a competitor steal our data and put it up on their site for free, so we changed the way we do things so that it is harder for competitors to steal out data.

I do research all week on the red light camera data coming in from different cities and those cameras in Keller TX are future locations.

Miss Poi


I figured that area was probably getting ready to throw a few red light cameras in anyhow. Those intersections are probably prime areas so I was really impressed when I saw the GPS alert. I searched later and couldn't find anything on Google for that city having red light cameras though and normally we get some kind of news report regarding new cameras. Its not a big deal - I would guess you're absolutely right and they're planned. I was just curious to see how you found them.

I thought that code ".xyz" was all kinds of sophisticated rules taking a 3D real world intersection and throwing it in to a 2D GPS map. I guess it makes since that they have to be unique names though. Thanks much for the reply! My curiosity was just killing me.

Albuquerque NM redlight/speed cameras

Since you do the research on redlight cameras; you may or maynot know that the city of Albu. has a web site with all their camera locations listed. Its Also all cameras in Albu. are also speed detectors.