NYC Public Libraries


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Last updated 05/06/2007

Raw file: NYC Public Libraries.csv (24.16 KB)

Includes 217 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: NY
  • some may be in: NJ (near a border)

POI's of all the libraries in NYC. If you don't like using the library for books, you can always use them as public restrooms. =)

Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island Libraries:

Brooklyn Libraries:

Queens Libraries:

Used GPS Visualizer to get the Longitude and Latitude points.

Edit by RetiredTechnician 5-05-07: Corrected line 93-Added field 5 and 6 to field 4.
Line 131-had phone number in longitude field. Got correct longitude from gpsvisualizer

Thanks for the fix! I guess I didn't good enough job double checking my work. =p

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