Do you have a factory-installed new vehicle GPS?


I've been looking at new cars lately. Many of them have built-in GPS's as an option. Can the brand be specified, or are they subcontracted by the vehicle manufacturer? Are the map and red light/speed updates free?

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I don't think they can be

I don't think they can be selected from a list of which GPS units you can have installed. AS well, I don't know if there is some information on updating the map or red lights for it.

Best would be to quickly check car forums of the specific brand to find out.

General concensus is

The general concensus is that (on average) the onboard GPS units can not accept poi files and that the only way to update is through a CD purchased from the dealer that is very expensive.

I would try and find a manual from the dealer or online for the units you are looking at.

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Not to Mention

that if someone tries to steal the built in unit, they usually destroy the dashboard. For me, built-in GPS's are non-starters.


nav systems

I just recently got a maxima with the nav system and I really have mixed feelings, this one is nissan particular and the maps are around $200.00 toget them updated, (which is crap) the dealer does the updateing, It is fairly user friendly, voice programable which is nice, Large screen which is nice, it can be touch screen usable,Cant load external poi's, or change voices, or the directional arrow for the car, It dont nag as bad as the nuvi,and yes i still have my Nuvi and use it, the garmin maps are much better and up to date being i have the lifetime update,

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One Benefit of Built-Ins

One benefit of my built-in is the large screen...I can easily use it as an electronic map either while driving or when parked.

When parked, I can use it as I would a paper map in an area I'm not familiar with. It is much easier to move around than either my GO930 or my Android Google Map.

I have even used it while driving to see side streets and pick my own route on the fly...not something I felt comfortable doing with the 4.3 inch screen of my GO930.

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I have a built-in on one of

I have a built-in on one of my cars. One of the benefits is the clean look in the car.

But updating the maps is very expensive as others have mentioned.

Do You Have A Factory-Installed New Vehicle GPS?

I test drove a Dodge pickup several weeks back and it had a Garmin in dash. I was told that the maps can be updated just like other Garmin GPS units.

Hey fzbar, what exactly

is a non-starter GPS? Sounds like I should get one. grin

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ceevee wrote:

I have a built-in on one of my cars. One of the benefits is the clean look in the car.

But updating the maps is very expensive as others have mentioned.

and I suppose Garmin had a deal of some sort or another, and came...which was not cheap, with a Garmin. It's a good deal I think. Updating can be done through, comes automatically with "Lifetime Maps" and you are able to disconnect the thing from the car to walk around with it, as normal. I am very happy with this setup, and my wife of 40 years loves it!

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nice to have, if you are willing to spend thousands extra

My dad have one on his Sienna Limited. It is big screen, and integrated into dashboard. Very nice.

But, when I drive his minivan, I still use my Garmin portable for voice guidance.

Built-in GPS

2011 Ford Taurus Limited. GPS in dash. My wife wanted to use it the other day instead of using Jack (my nüvi 760). It worked but I think we would have gotten better directions from Jack. It didn't tell me when it was recalculating so, when I took a wrong jog in the road I didn't realize it and ended up just following the prompts and going in a round-about way rather than immediately correcting my error.

It's not a bad GPS unit. I'm just partial to my 760 and the car GPS can't play my audio books from

I got $1,000 off the purchase price of the car because I kept telling the sales guy that I wasn't at all interested in having the GPS option that was installed in the vehicle. They obviously couldn't remove the unit so they discounted the price. Works for me.

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I have one in my 2011 Toyota

I have one in my 2011 Toyota Avalon, and would you believe it, I have my Garmin 880 plugged in right above it and believe me, my Garmin 880 runs circles around the installed unit.

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Don't like 'em

Tried a Volvo with built in, and it seemed to have a clunky interface, and the lack of being able to customize and update easily just doesn't make me a very happy camper. I'll provide my own GPS, thank you very much.