Ethanol Free Gas POI confusion


I am new to the site and I am glad I found this site, lots of great information here and I hope at some point I can contribute also.

I have found here on the site listing for Ethanol free gas stations and which is very cool, but in this listing it claims 1900+ stations.. but I have been using a site called Pure Gas and this site is listing over 2400 stations. I am not sure if these are updated from what is on this site, but I figured someone here might know and if it is an updated file perhaps I could upload it or someone else could... Please let me know how I can help. Thanks and thanks for the great site.

Error in the file

I have a problem with the file in that the POI loader says there is an error in the file and cannot load it past a certain point.

I don't see any contact information for the creator.


Hmm. Yes, it IS confusing.
The site you mention has a csv POI file download which itself only has 1915 stations in it, and it also looks like the file posted here (which I think is a POI Factory no-no unless 'gdb' is also the other site's owner).

And yes, the files from both sites have line-break/comma/etc format issues.

It's about the Line- If a line can be drawn between the powers granted and the rights retained, it would seem to be the same thing, whether the latter be secured by declaring that they shall not be abridged, or that the former shall not be extended.

Both files are bad

Both files are badly formatted.

The one from is 1915 records.
The one from poi-factory is 1960 records.
Both are labeled identical (pure-gas).

The one from this site has the commas in column 3 being replaced by (semi colons)(if it had commas). That should be being done by a fix that JM put into place because of the issue with poi loader 2.6.0
There are also about 40 lines that are broken. There is no contact info for GPD. I suggest you contact Miss Poi

The file from would work BUT you need to remove the commas in column 3 OR use poi loader version 2.5.4

Nuvi 2460LMT.

Now I am understanding this

Now I am understanding this a little bit.. there sure is confusion between two sites..I didn't mean to stir anything up.. I am new to this and thought that having a Ethanol free POI for my "Tom TOm xxl540 would be great.

something must be wrong because I have uploaded the ov2 file from this site to my Tom Tom xxl540 and I can see the listing pure gas on my POI lists in the GPS, although even though I have loaded it in to the specified location, I do not see it in my maps, furthermore when I have set it to alert me with in 200 yards it does nothing even when I pull in to a known station..

So I guess it's stll a work in progress and being new. I have no idea how to correct it to make it work. Does anyone know if an ov2 file would have a voice included?

I am having a similar situation with the wifi POI on my Tom Tom.. hopefully I can get these squared away soon.


what Garmin unit do you have?

have you downloaded a manual yet? If not then look at

when you download the manual check out how to turn on "alerts"

The reason we need to know your unit is that some have the ability to use mp3 files to provide an "alert" message (as opposed to a "tone") while others without a mp3 player have to use .wav files for that purpose.

My unit is not a Garmin, it

My unit is not a Garmin, it is a Tom Tom xxl540