Wow, talk about reception


Was running errands today and put my nuvi 660 in the arm rest pocket of my Sequoia - the lower deep pocket - at one of my stops but left it on as usual to avoid start up delay. Well, I forgot to pull it out and was driving down the road when I heard a warning bell deep in the arm rest pocket. I realized it was the alarm for a redlight camera intersection I was approaching. Not bad for satellite reception deep inside the pocket with all that metal of the Sequoia body to block it.

Just wish the traffic reception was that good and accurate, ha.

Mark E

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I agree

Today I pulled this thing out at work, and was in my office which does not have much in windows, and it made a connection! My Boss was impressed and I think I turned her onto a Nuvi 660.


Yeah, I can get reception in

Yeah, I can get reception in my office and home without a problem. I was pretty amazed as well. Most buildings I can get a reception.

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