Speeders in Edmonton get $12.3M in refunds



Concerns over the reliability of Edmonton's intersection safety cameras have prompted the province to announce a refund on more than 100,000 paid "Speed on Green" tickets issued back to November 2009.

The Crown is also withdrawing all tickets that are currently before the courts. The head Crown prosecutor for Edmonton, Steve Bilodeau, obtained an order Monday from a Court of Queen's Bench judge to quash all convictions.

"This is all about public confidence. This is about reliability of the intersection safety cameras," Bilodeau said.

"And when the Crown takes a case to court, we have to be able to say to the public and to the courts, that this is reliable, this is accurate, this is correct and because of a glitch with the ISC cameras, we can't do that."

About 140,000 tickets will be overturned in total, Bilodeau said. The lost revenue on the overturned tickets is estimated to be $13 million, Bilodeau said. About $12.3 million will need to be refunded.

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It is nice to see a govt. do

It is nice to see a govt. do the right thing.

and so unusual

to see selfish, greedy government types actually do something that makes sense.

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Red-light camera citations plummet from 5,400 in a month to 650


In Collier County FL. They stopped issuing citations for right on red violations by the camera only, you can still get a ticket from an officer.