Garmin Poi Loader


As of 01/14/2011 Garmin updated their poi loader from version 2.5.4 to version 2.6.0.I downloaded this poi loader today.I then loaded my favorites from POI Factory to my Garmin 1450 GPS,while these files were loading it said 4 0f the files I was downloading were corrupt and ask me if I still wanted to keep loading the files I clicked on the link to tell it yes.After the files were loaded,I deleted the files on the GPS and reloaded my favorites to my GPS well after getting the same message about the corrupted files,I wrote to the authors of the files that were suppose to be corrupt and told the authors of such.After some discussion with a few of the authors and some research,I found out it was Garmins POI Loader that is messed up.How I corrected this Problem was to do a Google search for previous Garmin Poi loader software.The first two searches that came up were from garmin and they give you the newest POI Loader,so I had to keep searching until I found a site that had a previous version(2.5.4) is what I downloaded and the Gps now works properly.Tomorrow I will call Garmin and tell them of the problem. Sorry of the lenth of this but I felt the information was inportant

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Nuvi 2460LMT.