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Last updated 05/08/2011

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This File contains the locations of Barbecue Restaurants in North Carolina, and is generally a list of BBQ establishments from NC's most famous BBQ guides and trails. Whenever possible, the phone numbers are included for each restaurant.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of BBQ restaurants in NC, but is highlighting some of the better known, and most highly regarded "Barbecue Joints" around the state.

You should find this to be a pretty good and up-to-date guide to Lexington, NC BBQ restaurants.

Any feed-back would be appreciated.

Note: Updated 1-21-11

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Change History

  • jbyrd - May 8, 2011
    Whitley's Barbecue of Lexington, NC was changed to Hendrix Barbecue of Lexington.

  • khokhonutt - Mar 9, 2011
    Name Change - The Woodlands Barbecue changed to Woodlands Barbecue, The.

  • Box Car - Mar 9, 2011
    Fixed duplication (The Skylight Inn)

  • jbyrd - Mar 3, 2011
    Bill Spoon's Barbecue of Charlotte, NC added. Probably Charlotte's best Eastern NC Q.

  • jbyrd - Feb 11, 2011
    Lexington BBQ #1 Location Fix

  • jbyrd - Feb 11, 2011
    Added 2 locations of Hendrix Barbeque in Salisbury, NC.

  • jbyrd - Jan 31, 2011
    Fixed some location issues with Burlington, NC establishments, and added phone numbers for Smithfield's chain.

  • jbyrd - Jan 29, 2011
    The Authentic BBQ Pit, Raleigh, NC - added. Owner Ed Mitchell wins Food Network "Throw Down."

  • jbyrd - Jan 29, 2011
    Nunnery-Freeman BBQ in Henderson, NC - Location Fix

  • jbyrd - Jan 24, 2011
    1.24.11 Kerley's Barbecue, Welcome, NC. Location verified and added.

  • diesel - Jan 21, 2011
    Added Carolina Smokehouse of Cashiers, NC