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Last updated 09/24/2019

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Includes 21 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: NY
  • some may be in: ON (near a border)

The first Mighty Taco opened at 1247 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo, NY on August 31, 1973 with four original owners: Dan Scepkowski, Andy Gerovac, Ken Koczur, and Bruce Robertson. Today, Mighty Taco Inc. proudly operates 18 (23 as of 8-13-2018) restaurants in the Western New York area, with more to follow. With nearly four decades of continuous operations, Mighty Taco has become synonymous with fast, delicious, Buffalo styled Mexican food, quirky and humorous advertising, and, of course, Loganberry! Whether a quick lunch with coworkers, dinner with the kids, or a late night snack with friends, Mighty Taco has become the most recognizable taste of a generation, weaving itself into the culture of Western New York.

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