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Ok you all have to watch this video, it cracked me up. Jon has actually done this, it is rather annoying.

Miss Poi


Now I have to get a few more GPSrs. Or maybe my wife can substitute for one of them. Or maybe she does? LOL

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I must not be geek enough - that is something I would not do.

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Too much time

Jon has too much time on his hands. LOL

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That is something I would probably try if I had more than one GPS. I thought it was odd that I did not notice the in-dash GPS until the very end.

Thanks for sharing Miss POI. My kids play in you-tub, but I am sure that is not one they would have found for me.

Multiple GPS Unit Video

That's great. It reminded me what it was like driving with my in-laws in the car with me and my wife. LOL

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I have seen ppl with radar

I have seen ppl with radar detectors do that, of course though RDs interfer with each other so you can't really do that and be accurate.

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OK, That's pretty darn

OK, That's pretty darn funny. Sorta reminds me when my Mom would ride with me on a long trip:)

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Thats diffenitly a good morning Judge.